Guide for Reviewers

Thank you for agreeing to review manuscripts for the IEEE Journal on Flexible Electronics (J-FLEX). Per your agreement with the Editor, you should complete the review within the period stated in their invitation message. You must complete your review online using the features of an electronic manuscript management system “ScholarOne Manuscripts™” (S1M) which has individual pages for each IEEE journal. Access to S1M for your Reviewer work is available from here. Reminders of deadlines will be sent automatically from S1M. If we do not receive a response after the deadline passes, the Editor or the J-FLEX Publications Office staff may also contact you.

Any questions you may have about a specific manuscript, or the review process should be directed to the Publications Office ( and the Editor. Please refer to the Manuscript Number in all correspondence or phone contacts with the Editor or the J-FLEX’s Publications Office.

Regular Papers: The J-FLEX considers eight pages as the appropriate length for the final published manuscript. Although some papers may not be able to reveal the findings of the authors in eight pages, experience indicates that most will be able to do so. Authors who exceed the eight-page guidelines are required to pay Mandatory Overlength Page Charges established by IEEE, to assist in defraying the expense of publishing each additional page. In any case, the length of the manuscript is subject to peer assessment and judgment by the Editor. If your reviewed manuscript is of type “Expanded paper”, please refer to the ‘Guide for expanding conference papers”’, available from the Journal’s website.

The review categories are self-explanatory. However, two criteria are NECESSARY for a recommendation of acceptance for publication: (a) NOVELTY (new science or a new approach to established science; this does not apply to review papers, where the emphasis is on timeliness and balance) and, (b) APPROPRIATENESS (the manuscript is complete in and of itself and is a good “fit” with the Journal).

Please score the manuscript according to the recommendation choices available in your Reviewer’s form.  Reviews of manuscripts submitted to the IEEE J-FLEX are “blind” reviews, and the identity of every reviewer is carefully protected. In a confidential (for the Editor only) portion of the online review form, you can suggest additional reviewers for the manuscript, or record private remarks to the Editor about the manuscript.

If the manuscript is award-quality, please complete the appropriate section.

Finally, please keep your S1M reviewer profile information current, in the event the Editor recommends a second round of reviews. You can update your profile from your Reviewer Center screen in S1M.

For administrative assistance please refer to Mansi Kukreti (Email:

The IEEE J-FLEX appreciates your willingness to act as a reviewer and will do everything possible so that you are not overwhelmed with review requests. Our goal is to allow you to complete one review before requesting your further involvement.

Once again, thank you for serving as a reviewer for the IEEE Journal on Flexible Electronics, as your participation adds great value to the peer review process. We endeavour not just to pass judgment, but also work with our Authors towards writing and publishing better papers, to the benefit of the whole Flexible and Printed Electronics community.

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